6 Best IFB Washing Machines In India – 2019 Reviews


In a simple word, a Washing machine is a machine used to wash the various types of clothes without applying any physical efforts.

Types Of washing Machine

  • Top Load Washing Machine
  • Front loading washing machine
  • Semi-automatic washing machine
  • Fully automatic washing machine

If you are looking for IFB washing machine then you are at right place. In this post, we’ll suggest you 6 best IFB washing machine.

6 Best IFB Washing Machines In India

1. IFB 8.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Make your laundry pile vanish in a jiffy with the IFB 8.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Load washing machine. This powerful machine has Nine Drum Movements, an Aqua Energie Filter, Cradle Wash and, Express Wash features, that wash your clothes with extreme care. Bring home this 8.5 kg front load washing machine from IFB and make light work of that huge laundry pile. This powerful machine comes equipped with some advanced features such as the Air Bubble Wash, 9 Swirl Wash, and Cradle Wash to ensure your clothes receive the care they deserve. IFB washing machine comes with child lock feature, this feature help to freezes the machine’s settings when children playing with them.

Product Specifications
  • Great for Large families
  • Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machines
  • Child Lock
  • Foam-Control System
  • Auto Imbalance System
  • High Low Voltage Protection
  • Air Bubble Wash
  • 14 wash programs
  • Door glass shower
  • Ball Valve Technology

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2. IFB 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Short on time? Then the Senator Aqua SX with a massive 8 kg capacity and an RPM of 1400 is the laundry companion you need. IFB Senator Aqua SX washing machine is a good choice if you are searching for a large household appliance to help you complete your laundry-related chores quickly and efficiently. This essential home appliance features the Auto Imbalance Vibration Control technology. This washing machine comes with an LCD screen which lets you operate your washing machine with ease. The IFB Senator Aqua SX has a number of optional programs to make laundry seem like a simple task. Some of these are gentle, cotton – heavily soiled, cotton – normally soiled, cotton, mixed-wash, quick wash, lingerie and more.

Product Specifications
  • Fully-automatic front load washing machine
  • 1400 rpm Higher the spin speed
  • Ball Valve Technology
  • 3D Wash System
  • High Low Volatge Protection
  • Auto Balance System

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3. IFB 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

IFB TL-SDG Aqua 7KG Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine is a modern appliance fit for your home. A top load system provides an easy way of putting the clothes into the machine without straining your back. Tiradic Pulsator Cleaning Engine makes sure that they’ll come out sparkly clean. Its 8 wash programs ensure that all types of clothes are washed properly. 10 water level options enable easy usage and any of the hot, warm or cold can be selected from water inlet selection Main features. A big LED display improves the look of the machine. The machines come fitted with auto softener dispenser and bleach dispenser for improved washing while lint filter ensures that suspended lints and threads in the water do not clog the machine.

Product Specifications
  • Fully-automatic top-loading washing machine
  • 8 wash programs
  • 7 kg capacity
  • 720 rpm
  • Stainless Steel Tub
  • LED display screen
  • Auto softener dispenser
  • 3D Wash System

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4. IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Got laundry problems? IFB has the solution in the form of this fully automatic washing machine. It comes with efficient wash programmes such as Aqua Energie, Cradle Wash and 3D Wash System that ensure you have a thorough cleaning performance every time. It comes with a LED display to easy to use and a maximum spin speed of 1000 rpm. The machine’s 6.5kg wash load capacity lets you wash a large number of clothes at once, helping you save time and energy. This washing machine comes with a special built-in aqua filter that treats hard water efficiently, thus improving the quality of water.

Product Specifications
  • 7 segment LED display
  • 4 Digit Large Display
  • Aqua energy feature
  • Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine
  • 100 Wash Modes
  • Weight Balance system
  • 3D Wash System
  • Water Consumption 43 L
  • Auto Restart & Self Diagnosis

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5. IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Bring home this IFB 6.5 kg Fully-automatic washing machine and never run out of spotless garments to wear every morning. The latest top load washing machine from IFB gives you the advantage of Deep Clean, Aqua Spa Therapy and Aqua Energie. IFB washing machine comes with 8 different water level selection to ease your workload. This machine comes fitted with a large LED display which enhances the look of the machine. This washing machine uses a 3D Wash System with nozzles which ensures that the water in the drum circulates a whole 360 degrees. It comes with Smart Sense technology. Smart Sense technology express wash and aqua conserve feature makes it an ideal purchase. Some other features which work towards high-quality wash include aqua spa, triadic pulsator, and 3D wash.

Product Specifications
  • Fully-automatic top load washing machine
  • Capacity 6.5 kg
  • LED display screen
  • 3D wash system
  • Stainless Steel Tub
  • Aqua Energie
  • 6 Wash Programs
  • Bubble Leveller

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6. IFB 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

The IFB Eva Aqua VX LDT 6Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine is one of the most popular IFB washing machines for small size home. This essential home appliance features the Auto Imbalance Vibration Control technology, the Ball Valve Technology, and a Crescent Moon Drum for quick and efficient washing of your laundry. With a spin speed rating of 800 RPM, it will effectively clean your clothes without being harsh on them. With Aqua Energie mechanism of this IFB machine filters the hard water before releasing it into the machine. So, the softened water that goes in dissolves the detergent better, giving you stain-free, clean clothes. This IFB washing machine also comes with a 4-year warranty on its purchase.

Product Specifications
  • Fully-automatic front load washing machine
  • 4 years on product
  • 15 wash programs
  • Stainless Steel Tub
  • 6 kg capacity
  • Aqua Energie
  • 2D Shower System
  • Ball Valve Technology
  • Crescent Moon Drum

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IFB washing machine is suitable for all types of home. You can choose any washing machine from the above suggestion.

IFB Washing Machine Customer Care

If you are facing any problem then you can directly contact with IFB customer card.

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