Chakdaha to Helencha Bus Timetable {Latest Update}

Are you searching for the Chakdaha to Helencha bus timetable? If yes then you are at the right place. Today, I’ll show you the latest Chakdah to Helencha bus timetable.

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Chakdaha to Helencha Bus Timetable

Here is the latest Chakdah to Helencha (32/A) bus timetable as per the bus owner.

7.10 AM7.28 AM7.43 AM7.58 AM8.22 AM8.52 AM
8.58 AM9.16 AM9.26 AM9.46 AM10.10 AM10.39 AM
10.10 AM10.28 AM10.38 AM10.58 AM11.22 AM11.51 AM
12.16 PM12.34 PM12.44 PM1.04 PM1.28 PM1.57 PM
1.46 PM2.04 PM2.14 PM2.34 PM2.58 PM3.27 PM
3.16 PM3.34 PM3.44 PM4.04 PM4.28 PM5.57 PM
4.28 PM4.46 PM4.56 PM5.16 PM5.40 PM6.09 PM
6.00 PM6.18 PM6.28 PM6.48 PM7.12 PM7.41 PM
7.05 PM7.23 PM7.33 PM7.53 PM8.17 PM8.46 PM

So, This is the latest Chakdaha to Helencha (32/A) bus timetable. I’ll update this timetable if any time changes in the future.

For more information, contact the bus owner:


  1. (+91) 97355 16550
  2. (+91) 85148 62128