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Top 10 Best High-End Steam Iron In India 2020 for Everyday Use

Searching for the best steam iron in India? If yes then you are at the right place. Today, we are going to show you the 10 best steam irons available in India. Steam iron is an electric iron that produces steam from water that you put into it. The steam makes it easier to get the creases out of your clothes.

If you iron frequently, the steam iron will be very useful for you. These steam irons will ensure that each and every type of fabric can be ironed quite easily. Moreover, with the help of customized settings, you will be able to easily get the ironing done of any kind of fabric as well.

Best Steam Iron In India

But the question is which is the best steam iron in India? Finding the best product is not an easy task when a lot of brands available in the market. We have reviewed more than 19 irons and completed a list of top 10 best irons to buy in India.

Do not waste your valuable time when we already did it. Just follow the below list and choose any of them as per your needs and budget.

Top 10 Best Stream Iron In India 2020

These are the top 10 best steam irons available in India to buy online:

1. Philips EasySpeed Plus GC2040 2100-Watt Steam Iron

Philips EasySpeed Plus GC2040 is the best steam iron on this list. The iron gives your clothes a polished and crisp look. with a non-stick soleplate, your garments do not stick to the iron. This iron has a water tank capacity of 270 ml.

It is equipped with various features such as temperature control, indicator light, steam burst and steam control for making your life easy and convenient. This iron removes creases and revamps the look of your outfit.


  • Compatible with 15 amp power socket
  • Drip stop system
  • Steam boost up to 100 grams
  • Vertical steam
  • Triple precision tip
  • Steam distribution up to 30 g/min of steam
  • 2 years on product warranty

2. Philips EasySpeed Plus GC2048

Philips EasySpeed Plus

Another best iron from the brand Philips. The iron’s 120 g steam boost enables you to easily remove even the most stubborn creases. It’s up to 2300 W power enables constant high steam output. Continuous steam output of up to 35 g/min gives you the perfect amount of steam to efficiently remove all creases. This Philips iron has a vertical steam function, for crease removal in hanging fabrics.

The steam iron can be operated with normal tap water and the calc clean slider makes it easy to remove any built-up scale out of your iron. To maintain the performance of your Philips steam iron, you should use this scale clean function once a month when using normal tap water.


  • Ceramic soleplate
  • Safety auto-off
  • Steam boost
  • Vertical steam
  • Robust heel rest
  • Steam output up to 35 g/min
  • Drip stop system
  • 2 years on product warranty
  • Power: 2300 watts
  • Operating Voltage: 230 volts

3. Russell Hobbs Steam Iron ES2200

Russell Hobbs Steam Iron ES2200

Russell Hobbs Steam Iron ES2200 has an attractive design with the anti-drip feature and ceramic soleplate, as well as the thermal fuse for total safety. This iron features a removable water funnel for easy filling that stores neatly in the base. Its basic features are that it has a self-cleaning facility along with steaming, drying and power pact spraying.

The cord also wraps and clips around the base, so iron and accessory are neatly stored together. The iron has a 300ml water tank with variable steam and temperature control. It has a 3m long power cord which felicitates 360-degree swivel cord movement. It functions on 2000 watts power and 220 230 operating voltage.


  • 300 Ml water tank
  • Self Cleaning Function
  • Steam, spray, dry ironing
  • 360-degree swivel cord movement
  • Thermal fuse for total safety
  • Extra Long 3 M Power Cord
  • Variable steam and temperature control

4. Usha Steam Pro SI 3417

Usha Steam Pro SI 3417

Usha Steam Pro SI 3417 is another great steam iron in India. The Usha steam iron utilizes 1700 watts of power to heat up quickly and helps you get the job done in less amount of time. The iron comes incorporated with nonstick aluminum soleplate that does not stick to the fabrics under any circumstances.

The best thing about the iron is that the iron comes with overheat protection and the water tank can be filled easily without making a mess. Overall, it is a great steam iron available in India. You can check the latest price by following the below link.


  • Steam Output of upto 20 gm/min for easily removing tough wrinkles
  • Non-Stick Poly Teflon Coated Sole Plate for smooth gliding over clothes
  • Overheat Safety Shut Off
  • Thermostat disc for controlling fabric Temperature
  • 1700 Watt for fast heating of soleplate

5. Panasonic NI-E410TMSM

Panasonic NI-E410TMSM

It is another great iron by Panasonic. Everyone love this iron as the iron comes with an attractive look. Its Titanium soleplate has a smooth non-stick surface that glides over the fabric even without damaging the graphic prints. Also, it’s large opening at the nose of the device allows you to easily discharge and refill water into the tank.

The best thing about the iron is that it has a temperature controller that can be set manually. Its variable temperature and steam control knob help in avoiding unnecessary damage to the garments.


  • Titanium coating soleplate
  • 360-degree rotating cable
  • Round ride
  • Anti-calc system
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 2150 watts

6. Philips GC1905

Philips GC1905

Save time on household chores while you use Philips GC1905 iron which is built to perfection so as to give you a quick ironing experience. The sleek and stylish iron is loaded with a super-fast filling and emptying hole pointed tip and smoothly gliding, linished soleplate, which makes ironing a very quick process.

The steam iron has an impressively large tank that can hold up to upto 380 ml of water. This steam iron is faster and quicker due to its power consumption. It utilizes about 1440 watts to heat up quickly and produce steam at a higher rate.


  • Continuous steam output up to 13 g/min
  • Consumed 1440 watts power
  • It has Variable steam settings
  • 2 years on product warranty
  • Easy and super fast filling of the water tank
  • Quickly heatup

7. Havells Magnum 1840-Watt Steam Iron

Havells Magnum 1840-Watt Steam Iron

This Vertical steam will allow you to remove creases by simply holding the iron in a vertical position at a short distance from the fabric. This is really convenient for curtains and difficult to iron clothes, such as suits and jackets.

It is also excellent for delicate fabrics, such as silk and lycra. Spark comes with an anti-scale feature that prevents limescale forming and keeps steam powerful. Also, filling in and emptying the water tank is easy as they are designed with enhanced ergonomics.


  • Anti-drip and anti-scale
  • Self-cleaning and variable steam
  • Soft grip handle
  • Dry/steam ironing and a vertical burst of steam
  • 300ml water tank capacity
  • Nonstick coated sole plate and adjustable thermostatic control
  • Over heat safety protection circuit

8. Black & Decker X2050

Best Steam Iron In India

Another great steam iron Black & Decker. I’m personally using the laptop. This steam iron has a 380 ml water tank incorporated that could enable the user to iron without frequent refilling demand. It has 26 steam holes that helps to iron more smoothly.

The vertical steam feature if this iron makes it easier for anyone to even out the creases on garments such as jackets and drapes. In addition, The turbo boost feature produces a massive amount of steam on a higher setting.


  • Ceramic coated soleplate
  • 35g continuous steam output
  • 90g/min steam boost
  • 26 steam holes
  • 380ml water storage tank
  • Vertical steam
  • Steam burst
  • Self-clean

9. Philips GC1920/28

There’s so much more to life than household chores, so you want to get them done as quickly as possible. With its super-fast filling and emptying hole, pointed tip, and smooth-gliding soleplate, this quality iron is simply built for speed.

The spray function produces a fine mist that evenly moistens the fabric, making it easier to iron out creases. In Addition, it has a huge emptying hole that allows you easy and super fast emptying of the water tank.


  • Golden American heritage coating for easy gliding
  • A fine spray evenly moistens the fabric
  • Continuous steam up to 17 g/min for better crease removal
  • Easy and super fast emptying of the water tank
  • Easy and super fast filling of the water tank
  • Comes with 2 years warranty

10. Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron

Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron

It is light in weight and big on performance. It shooting steam through 46 steam holes while efficiently reducing ironing time. It tackles creases by spewing out 11g/min of steam while taming the very stubborn ones with a massive, 150g turbo shot. Additionally, it can also flatten fabric with a fine water spray.

Its clear view, large 350 ml water tank allows for easy refilling even while the iron is on. What’s more, you can also steam up and freshen your suits, jackets, and curtains as they hang in a vertical position without having to dismount them.


  • The extra-large water tank of 350ml
  • Variable steam control
  • 11gm of continuous steam
  • Powerful steam Shots – 150gm/min
  • Vertical ironing, self-cleaning with anti-calc function
  • Premium ceramic coated soleplate for life long and smooth ironing
  • Extra-large soleplate in its class for faster ironing
  • Extra-long 360-degree swivel cord for easy movement

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Conclusion: Best Steam Iron in India

So, These are the top 10 best steam irons in India. All of these irons are the best ones and one can choose any of them as per your needs and budget.

On the basis of the features, facilities, qualities and the benefits that are expected from the best steam iron, we would like to recommend Philips EasySpeed Plus GC2040 to our readers.

Hope you enjoyed reading this informative and useful post. If you have any queries regarding the list of the top 10 best steam irons in India then comment below, we will love to solve them.


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