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Open Online Karvy Online Trading Account Within 15 Minutes

The smartest, fastest and the secured way to trade in the stock market. You can place buy or sell orders at ease and manage them as well. By opening a Karvy online trading account, you can trade in shares, currency, commodity, ETF, derivatives, etc. Open a free demat account with Karvy in 15 minutes and get up to Rs. 5,500 Brokerage Reversal. It is the best demat account in India. Open a free demat account by following below mentioned steps.

Karvy is a financial services company headquartered in Hyderabad, India. It offers a range of financial services including Karvy stock broking, distribution of financial products, depository participant, commodities broking, wealth management, and more. (Source)

How To Open Free Karvy Online Trading Account?

  1. First Visit Account Open Page
  2. Enter Your Name & Your Email
  3. Enter PAN Card Number
  4. Set Date Of Birth
  5. Enter PIN Code
  6. Enter Mobile Number
  7. Verify your mobile number using OTP
  8. Fill up some additional Details
  9. Submit all details
  10. That’s All

Advantages Of Karvy Online Trading Account

  • Zero Account Opening Charge
  • Open a Hassel free Online Trading Account in 15 minutes
  • Advance mobile & Internet trading platform
  • 1 Million+ Happy Customers
  • Best investment advice based on in-depth research

Karvy Demat Account Charges (As per Karvy)

karvy demat account charges

Rs. 650/- Minimum or as decided by KSBL from time to time or as applicable to any scheme.

Other Charges: Exchange Transaction charges, SEBI Turnover Fees, Handling Charges, Stamp duty, Service Tax, Securities Transaction Tax, Clearing Member charges, any other Statutory charges/levies as applicable.

Handling Charges, over and above brokerage would be levied, where the brokerage generated per contract per Exchange segment is less than Rs. 25, to make a sum of brokerage plus handling charges equal to Rs. 25.

An Administrative Charge of Rs. 10/- would be levied per each offline executed order (orders executed through our service desk / Branch Office) with a maximum of Rs. 50/- per day.

How To Know Demat Account Number

Every Demat account has its own unique 16 digit account number which is assigned by the Depository Participant. So your Demat Account number will be a 16 digit number. Out of 16 digits, the first 8 digits will be the DP ID and last 8 digits will be the client ID. if a Demat account number is IN01234512345678, in that case, IN012345 is the DP ID and 12345678 is the customer ID.


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