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LED TV vs Monitor: What Are The Difference Between TVs and Monitors?

What are the differences between LED TV and Monitor? Which one should I choose? We will clear all your doubts in this LED TV vs Monitor post.

Modern-day technology is so advanced that each and every moment something new is being discovered and when we are coming across to these thousands of new inventions we are becoming spellbound and astonished.

The options are so varied that we are always experiencing a dilemma or mental conundrum while picking something necessary because each option has to be illustrated minutely as there are countless intricacies that need close attention.

LED TV vs Monitor
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Similar predicament will befall you if you are trying to choose one between a LED TV and a monitor. Both have some advantages and disadvantages and while choosing one you have to be well-acquainted with those points now let me help you to clear this situation of puzzlement:

LED TV vs Monitor

Both TV and monitor are meant for visual display but before making a decision, go through the following points:

1. Size of the screen

While deciding which one to go for, the most important factor that at first strikes our mind is the size of the screen, after all the size decides how much enjoyment we will receive after watching something on the screen.

While in LED TVs you can find models between 32-85 inches, in monitors you have to choose between 15-50 inches.

Then from the size factor LED TVs are much better as the large screens are more efficient to offer you a pleasurable watch, and what you need to do is just pick one large screen based on your preference, set them on the wall or a broad space, then watch and relax.

2. Response time

Response time is another factor that is different in LED TV and monitor. Response time generally means how much time a monitor or TV takes while shifting from one color to another.

Usually in monitors the response time is far less than a LED TV. While in monitor the response time is less than 5 ms, in LED TV the response time is more than 15 ms that will sometimes result in ghosting and motion blur.

3. Input Lag

Input lag refers to the waiting period between a display on the screen and the input in your control device.

In monitors the input lag is minimal i.e. 8-10ms but in a LED TV the input lag generally varies between 10-15ms.

For gaming or graphic designing or for photography the input lag plays a huge role, the shorter the input lag, the better and a monitor can more efficiently cater these purposes than a LED TV. But nowadays some LED TVs are coming in arena, the input lag of which is made much shorter than the previous ones.

4. Refresh rate (LED TV vs Monitor)

Refresh rate means how many times the screen refreshes the image per second, the higher the refresh rate the smoother the experience becomes.

The refresh rate in a monitor starts from 60 Hz but it can go up to 240 Hz. An Average LED TV generally comes with 60 Hz refresh rate but if you want to invest some bulk amount then you can find models that can offer refresh rate of 120 Hz where still the risk of ‘soap opera effect’ remains.

5. Resolution and HDR

Resolution is another important aspect which matters while choosing between LED and monitor.

Resolution in simple term means the number of pixels that constitute a picture. A LED TV has resolution up to 8k, besides most LEDs come with HDR (high dynamic range) which makes the picture more vibrant and beautiful.

But generally the monitors come with resolutions like 1080p, 1440p and 4k which don’t have HDR quality and as a result the picture is somewhat dull and less vibrant than a LED TV.

6. Comfort

While watching TV series, movies or playing games, you have to feel comfortable otherwise the whole fun will be lost.

And a LED TV gives greater comfort than monitor as the sizes of LEDs are bigger than monitors, just place them on a wall and you can enjoy watching it while sitting on a sofa or a couch or even lying on a bed. Nonetheless a monitor is small that usually is placed on a table and naturally cannot give the same comfort as a LED TV.

A LED also vouchsafes marvelous viewing angles which give the opportunity of watching the screen from multiple angles without the slightest color variation but a monitor vehemently lacks in this trump card.

7. Price

Last but not least, the another principle factor is price which single-handedly can turn the table but the relaxing part is that after a thorough research you will definitely find one that will match your budget, thanks to our modern technology!

However a TV is more expensive than a monitor and if you want to invest a huge amount of money then you can explore multiple options while choosing a TV. And if you want to invest moderate amount of money you can go for a monitor which nowadays also comes with different styles and designs to meet various demands of a consumer.


Final word

Finally before settling on a decision you have to ask yourself for which purpose or reason you are buying it. If you just want a luxurious big screen that only has to serve the entertainment purpose then the most befitting choice will be a LED TV which will proffer comfort and coziness and you can enjoy watching it with your whole family.

But if you want to do more serious work related to graphic designing or photography then a monitor will be a wise choice for you because a LED TV presents a picture adding more charm and vibrancy and as a result the accuracy of a picture gets lost.

And if you are searching for a screen only for gaming purpose then again a monitor can serve you better there as it has higher refresh rates, shorter input lag and far faster response time.

Hence these two things have these intricate differences, think about your preferences and necessity and then buy one accordingly!


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