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Wi-Fi Router: Everything You Need to Know

Wi-fi Routers are one such immensely useful gifts of technology which lessens our hurdles while accessing the internet from various devices. We will be starting off this article with the basic definition in case, you do not know what a wi-fi router is. In the subsequent sections, we will be providing a detailed account on Wi-fi Router

wi-fi router

What is a Wi-fi Router?

A wi-fi router basically acts as your home internet network, using which you can access the internet through any of the gadgets in your home. A greater advantage coming with the use of wi-fi routers is that you do not have to compromise on the internet speed or the functionalities.

You can select your package, based on the speed you desire for. A wi-fi router supplies an internet connection to all the connected devices in your house through cable wires or a modem or wirelessly.

With this article, we will expose you to the in-depth details of wi-fi routers, along with the buying guide.

What is the purpose of a wireless router?

To curb down your hesitation on whether to buy a wireless router, we have stated some of its useful purposes below. You can go through them and make an informed decision:

  • A wi-fi router’s main work is to use the radio waves within the unlicensed spectrum of network to provide you with a fast and steady internet connection.
  • A wireless router has got antennas which serves the purpose of transmitting and receiving data signals and supplies the connected devices with internet connection.
  • Also, a few port sockets are available in the device which enables you to connect any device which is not wireless, such as a printer or a scanner.
  • So, if you are someone who uses a lot of data on a regular basis for serving purposes such as working from home, online classes, or if you are someone who is fond of creating and uploading online content on a regular basis, you can easily go for a wireless wi-fi router.
  • If you have multiple internet users in your home and have a hard time catering to the data requirements of each of the members, you can simply go for the wireless router. It rightfully serves the purpose of supplying fast internet connection to as many devices as you want.
  • It also gives all the connected devices a shared gateway to the internet. This helps you to work more simplistically in correspondence to other devices, especially in an official setup.
  • Suppose, you have three or four computers and you want them all to be sharing common documents and internet connection along with other purposes such as scanning, printing, etc. To cater to these requirements, you definitely need a common network. And you can do that with the help of a wi-fi router.

The following section of this article on Wi-fi routers will include information on how a wireless router works.

How does a wireless router work?

The wireless router will not require the usage of cable wires. It will require a simple set up consisting of a box like device which is actually a radio transmitter and receiver, responsible for the exchange of radio waves which would in turn help in the supply of data in the connected devices.

The maximum range supported by the device is that of about 90 meters or roughly 300 ft. So, you can very well understand that the Wi-Fi wireless router provides you with a protected area network, limited within a small area.

If you own a pc which supports wireless access to wi-fi, you simply have to update a few software on your pc and connect it to the router. If you have any of the older models, you are likely to be provided with a wireless adapter card which is to be installed in your device.

The other gadgets such as iPads, tablets, android phones would not require any additional changes since they are already adaptable to wireless connections.

The wireless router will provide the connected devices with a unique number, referred to as the IP address. All the connected devices will be able to related to this address or rather the location. The router creates an invisible cloud of wireless internet connectivity. It creates a kind of LAN Network within your house or office.

Any gadget within the close proximity or rather within the range (called the Wi-fi Hotspot) of the wireless router will be supplied with an internet connection. You can connect as many devices as you want. However, the speed might fluctuate.

You will be supplied with a power adaptor along with the wireless router device. This will enable you to place your device on a wall. Ethernet cable will also be provided so that you can connect all your computers or laptops or any other device which does not support the wireless connection.

Modem V/s Router

A lot of us think that a modem and a router are the same thing, but they are not and both are magnificently important. In case you do not have a modem, you will not have the access to the internet at all.

To be precise, a modem plays the role of bringing in the internet connection to your home, which in turn is directed into your devices. Modem refers to ‘modulator-demodulator’, which means that a modem is responsible for demodulating the incoming analog data from the internet coming into a computer, turning them into digital signals.

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A computer reads the digital signals and then the modem modulates the digital signals into analog signals which are received and processed by the internet. Thus, the modem is responsible for maintaining a dedicated connection with the internet service provider. Therefore, you have to have a modem.

The role of a router comes into play after this. The router has nothing to do with bringing in the internet connection. It is just there to pass down the internet connection from your modem to all the other devices in your house or office.

All the devices connected to the router will basically share the same internet connection. The process of how it is done has already been clarified in the previous sections of this article.

Thus, the question shouldn’t be Modem or Router? Rather, both Modem and Router are required for creating a home network. But if you are just concerned with having internet connection on just one device, you can go for just the modem which will directly give your device the access to the internet. However, if you desire to have internet connection on multiple gadgets, it is better to go with a Router.

Buying Guide for Wi-fi Routers

The section concerning the purpose of wi-fi routers have been curated with information that will enable you to decide under which circumstances you would require a Wi-fi Router.

If you have already made up your mind of buying a Wi-fi Router, here is a checklist we would like you to go through. Do consider the following before you finalise your decision.

  1. The size of your network coverage area – If you desire to have internet connection within your house or office area, you can go for a router.
  2. The number of connected devices – If there are three or more than three devices you wish to access internet from, opting for a wi-fi router would be cost-effective.
  3. The type of devices to be connected to the router – Depending on the type of device, you need to select whether to go for a wireless router or a simple cabled router.
  4. The purpose of using the internet – If you want internet just for web surfing and social media, you can go with a single band router of 2.4GHz which is less expensive. However, a 5GHz Wi-fi band will be more suited in case you want to stream web series, movies or online gaming.
  5. Features to be accessed – You can choose to have a greater range of wi-fi or greater speed of internet, for which you will be charged extra. Go for the expensive one only if you think your purpose will not be served with the cheaper one.

Based on the following points, arrive at a decision. Next, when you go to buy a Wi-fi Router, there are a list of things which you need to know about the device: –

  1. The compatibility of the router is to be checked first. Go through the list of the features and look for the devices it is compatible with. Also, the versions the device can support. Only if it is compatible with all the latest versions of devices, go for it.
  2. Check the Router interfaces it can be connected to such as cables, wireless devices, broadband, etc. choose the one which serves your requirements.
  3. Wi-fi Bands– Some are single band, dual band and tri- band. The speed, range and the number of connected devices is affected by the type of band you choose.
  4. Security – In order to secure your network from hackers or any other unwanted interference, make sure the wi-fi router uses WPA-2.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does wi-fi routers work?

Almost, three to four years. You need to upgrade your router after every four years at least.

Should I turn off my Wi-fi Router at night?

If you are not using the router then Yes, there’s no harm in it. In fact, it is a good habit since the EMF radiation can be curbed.

What speed is considered as good for wi-fi?

100- 200 Mbps and above.

Can a Wi-fi Router increase internet speed?

No, the wi-fi router cannot increase the internet speed provided by the internet service provider. But if you wish to get better performance, you can upgrade your router, try moving it to a different spot or change the band

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We hope you find this article on ‘Wi-Routers: Everything You Need to Know’ informative and useful. The buying guide will definitely be of use when you finally go for buying one. For the reader’s convenience, we have tried to answer a few of the frequently asked questions too.


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