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Complete RO Waste Water Reuse Guide

Nowadays, most of the households are using Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier but it is not a big deal. We need a water purifier because the quality of the water sources is not satisfactory. But the problem is wastewater. Every modern water purifiers reject about 3 liters of water when it purify only 1-liter water. In this complete RO waste water reuse guide, we’ll show you how to reuse RO waste water.

RO Waste Water Reuse Guide

Water is very essential to all life on Earth. It is a common fact that the world is covered in water. About 75% of the earth is covered in water. Buy only less than 2.5% of the water is fresh, non-saline water. But 69% of freshwater is in ice form. Only 31% is accessible for use. 31% of 2.5% means 0.00775% of total water which is less than 1% of the earth’s water is drinkable. So, you can imagine how important is to save water. Source: Worldatlas.com

Now the question is how to reuse waste water at home? Check our useful tips listed below.

RO Waste Water Reuse Guide

Here are the best ways you can reuse waste RO water:

1. Use for car wash

Car wash using rejected RO water

Normally we wash our cars every week. A single 4 wheeler car wash could consume 15 liters to 80 liters of water. Some of the car owners wash their cars every 2 or 3 days but it is unnecessary. If you use a bucket to wash your car then it takes up to 15 liters water and 80 liters of water when you use hose pipe.

So, remove the bad habit of car wash using a hosepipe. We already tell you that only less than 1% of earth water is drinkable and using so much potable water for car wash seems unreasonable.

If you are using a water purifier in your home or office then you can easily store RO waste water in a bucket or tank and reuse waste RO water for washing your car.

If the TDS level of RO reject water is high (>1500 PPM) then you can easily reduce the TDS level by mixing some tap water. By using the RO waste water in the car washing, you can not only clean your car but also save a lot of drinking water.

2. Floor Cleaning

Floor mopping using waste RO water

We know that how important is floor cleaning in our everyday life. It is a necessity to keep your home free of infections. We normally use 10 to 15 laters of water to clean a medium-sized home.

You can use RO wastewater to mopping the floor. The big advantage of floor moping using water purifier waste water is no matter what is the TDS level of rejected water. You can use over 2000 PPM TDS leves water for floor mopping.

For more safety, you can mix normal tap water with waste water and dilute it properly before mopping. Sometime plain RO waste water will leave salt particles on the floor.

Note: If you have small kids at home , don’t use the Waste water for Floor cleaning.

3. Wash Clothes or Use in Washing Machine

Nowadays, Most of Indian home use a washing machine for home laundry. Not only it saves a lot of time but it also results in a lot of wastage of water. A report says that a washing machine waste about 60-180 liters of water per wash.

So, stop wasting our necessary drinking water, our life. You can use RO waste waster for home laundry. keep in mind that high TDS levels of water can be harmful to the fabric.

You can mix normal tap water with RO waste water for safety.

4. Toilets Cleaning

Do you know a single toilet flush wastes about 5 to 7 liters of clean water? But it is not necessary to use clean water in a toilet flush. You can use waste RO water instead.

Simply collect water purifier waste water in a bucket or big tank and connect the tank pipe with toilet flush system. Maybe it’s an expensive way but it’ll save a lot of clean water.

The big advantage of this way is you can use the maximum of maximum TDS level water.

5. Watering Plants & Home Garden

You can use RO reject water to water your plants and keep your garden blooming. This tip is useful for people living in urban areas or the areas where the TDS level is below 2100 ppm.

Check the sodium levels before apply RO waste water to your plants. Checking sodium level is very necessary because the excess of sodium can damage soil quality.

You can start with a few different types of plants. Use RO waste water for 10 – 15 days and check the effect on the growth of plants. In this way, you’ll have a clear idea of which plant is suitable for RO waste water and use reject water to those particular plants.

6. Wash Utensils

Another effective use of RO waste water is to wash your utensils. This is one of the easiest ways to RO waste water reuse. You can collect RO reject water in a big bucket or a tank near your kitchen and it for wash utensils.

Make sure you wash utensils using clean water to remove extra soil deposits on its.

7. Boil Eggs

The last but useful tip is to use RO reject water for egg boiling. You can simply store reject water in a bucket and use it for egg boiling. Normally, fresh eggs don’t break during boiling. So, the rejected water will not come in contact with the edible portion of the eggs.

RO Waste Water Reuse FAQs

Can RO waste water be used for cooking?

We don’t recommend to use RO wastewater for cooking.

Can RO waste water be used for washing vegetables?

Yes (not recommend), You can reuse RO waste water for washing vegetables if TDS levels is under 500ppm but mix some tap water with it and make sure you wash vegetable again using clean water to remove extra soil deposits on its.

If the TDS level is very high in the reject water then avoid washing vegetables.

Can RO waste water be used for bathing?

Because of the high level of impurities and dissolved solids, it is not suitable for drinking or bathing.

Is RO water good for plants?

Yes, you can use RO waste water for plants but before apply on all plants, we recommend first apply on a few plants & see the results of plants growth.

Is RO waste water safe to drink?

Obviously not.


We know the importance of water to life. So, why to waste unnecessarily, when you have the alternative for all these. It is possible to use RO waste water in our daily life.

In this RO waste water reuse guide, you have just seen the top 7 best way to reuse water purifier waste water. We recommend, must check TDS levels of reject water before using it for those purposes.

Save every drop of water for the future.

Save Water, Save Life


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