ReviewsAirtel Internet TV Review - A Smart Set-Top Box

Airtel Internet TV Review – A Smart Set-Top Box

Bharti Airtel had launched an Internet TV service for the consumers. Airtel Internet TV is a set-top box based on the internet. Stream online videos with the help of Inter TV. Discover the best of online content on your big screen whenever you want. Make your TV to a SMART TV.

What is airtel internet tv?

Airtel InternetTV is a 4K ready, android-TV based set-top box from Airtel that transform your TV with a host of exciting and useful features.

In a simple language, airtel internet tv is a hybrid set-top box that not only enables you to watch the entire bouquet of TV channels that Airtel offers, but also allows you to watch content from online services such as Netflix and YouTube.

Airtel’s new Android powered airtel internet tv box comes pre-loaded with Netflix, YouTube, Airtel Movies and more. It also allows access to the Google Play Store, through which you can download many more applications, games, and services.

The device also allows 4K support, meaning as long as your TV can support 4K you will be able to stream 4K videos from Netflix and other sources.

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Airtel Internet TV is compatible with all types of TVs including 4K, HD on LED, LCD, or plasma technology as it supports HDMI output. It can also be connected to older TV sets over Audio, video cable. Additionally, it also has output to connect to Home theatre that works on Optic cable.

Airtel Internet TV Price

Internet TV Price

Price of internet TV is only ₹3499. You’ll get 1 month FREE mega HD pack subscription and 12 months of free Airtel TV subscription.

Features Of Internet TV

Airtel InternetTV is an Android-based 4K set-top box that comes with 2GB RAM and 8GB internal memory. It also supports – Google Voice-search, Dolby ATMOS, SD Card and multiple USB slots. It has Inbuilt 4K Chromecast for casting and screen mirroring your phone’s content. It comes with built-in Bluetooth to connect Bluetooth devices such as Speakers, headsets to enjoy better audio.

Airtel Internet TV Features

4K Support: Get crystal clear picture clarity with integrated 4K capability.
USB Port: Plug in your pen drive to record live TV. Use an SD card for storing all downloaded apps.
Built-in Google Play Store: Download Apps and games from Google Play Store.
Wi-Fi: Inbuilt Wi-Fi feature lets the device connect to your home network or mobile hotspot.
Bluetooth: Connect Bluetooth headsets, Keyboards or Game controller.
Others: Play, Pause, Record Live TV Channels.

Airtel internet tv channels

It comes with 1 month FREE Mega HD pack subscription and 1 year free Airtel TV subscription. So you can watch all channel available on Airtel TV app and Airtel Mega HD pack.

In-build App

  • Airtel TV: Play all airtel Tv channels
  • Netflix: Stream from Netflix (1month FREE)
  • Cannonball
  • Google play store: Download any android app from google play store
  • YouTube: Play Youtube videos
  • Google Play Music: Play MP3 songs from Google Play Music
  • Wynk movies: Play all MP3 songs available on Wynk movies

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Play HD Videos
Sound Quality
Game play


Best InternetTV to stream online videos and games. You can stream Youtube and Netflix videos and it supports google voice search.


  1. Respected Consumer
    let me bring a light into the actual airtel internet tv box. I bought this box last year in the month of april,19. It is still under warranty believe me this box is really slow and hangs on a regular basis the features mentioned amongst them half of them do not work . This box takes around 15 minutes to boot up and function properly. Till that you cannot even watch a channel. When i usually sit for my dinner i turn on the tv my dinner is finished in other 15 minutes and i am not even able to play a channel it is this much slow. It is a total waste of money and the warranty which airtel gives they don’t even abide to it.i have sent multiple complaints to them they will never send a technician to visit . Even if they will send he is just going to reset your android box which does not help.
    Please do not buy airtel internet tv it is a waste of time and money. Chromecast also hangs and disconnects multiple times . Neither the apps function properly.

    I have used tatasky, dishtv before this and they are far more better than airtel.
    If you really want features wait for jio gigafibre because airtel internet tv is a chaos.


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