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Top 10 Best Sites to Buy Birthday Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Birthday is the most important day in anyone’s life. If someone’s birthday is in the corner then you might be searching for the best website to send gifts in India. In this post, we are going to show you the top 10 sites to buy birthday gifts for your loved ones.

Best Sites to Buy Birthday Gifts

We know that finding the best birthday gifts is quite difficult when it comes to sending gifts for girlfriend or husband or wife or boyfriend. Do you know that there are a lot of sites available in India that offer same day gift delivery or even mid-night delivery?

We have reviewed 20+ sites and completed a list of 10 best sites to send gifts in India from different categories. You can select any of them to send birthday gifts. You can check the list below.

Birthday Gift SitesDelivery TimeLinks
FernsNpetals (FNP)Same Day DeliveryOrder Now
FlowerAuraSame Day DeliveryOrder Now
IGPSame Day DeliveryOrder Now
ArchiesSame Day DeliveryOrder Now
FlaberrySame Day DeliveryOrder Now
Bigsmall3 to 5 DaysOrder Now
Amazon1 to 5 DaysOrder Now
Zoomin1 to 5 DaysOrder Now
Printland4 to 10 DaysOrder Now
Giftsmate3 to 5 DaysOrder Now

Top 10 Best Sites to Buy Birthday Gifts

These are the top 10 best sites to send gifts in India:

#1 FernsNpetals (FNP)

FernsNpetals (FNP) is the best site to buy birthday gifts on this list. FNP founded in 1994 in Delhi and now they have more than 300 stores all over India and still increasing their stores to provide the quickest service to their customer. They are helping their customers to celebrate special moments. You can also try FNP if you have not tried before. I sure, you will love their service.

From online birthday gifts for husband to special gifts for girlfriend, you can send anything that you like. They have a special collection for all occasion you can choose from. The best thing about the company is that they offer same-day delivery for selected locations. Hence, you can book a gift at the last moment and they will deliver your gift to make the day memorable.

Why you order from FNP?

  • FNP offer same-day delivery
  • You have to select date and time to schedule your delivery
  • You can scheduled mid-night delivery as well (You need to pay extra for that)
  • Standard delivery is free
  • They have the largest collection of gifts for every occasion

#2 FlowerAura

FlowerAura is another best website to send gifts in India. It is an online flower store that delivers flowers all over India. In addition to delivering flowers, they also make a special occasion memorable by delivering surprise gifts like cakes, chocolates, teddy bears and sweets.

They have more than 229 stores all over India. Like FNP, they also offer same-day delivery or even mid-night delivery. Here you can find thousands of gifts idea and you can select gifts as per occasion as well. If you want to send gifts online with same day delivery then you should try FlowerAura.

Why you order from FlowerAura?

  • FlowerAura offers same-day delivery
  • Here you can find thousands gifts idea for Husband, Wife, Girlfriend, Friends or someone special
  • Mid-night delivery available
  • You have to select date and time to schedule your delivery
  • Personalize gifts available

#3 IGP

IGP (formerly known as IndianGiftsPortal) is an online gifts delivery site in India founded in 1999. Here you can order gifts for various occasions. It may be a Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Marriage Anniversary or anything. Not only in India but also they will deliver gifts abroad if your loved ones outside in India.

Some occasions are truly special especially when it comes to the birthday of your dear ones. Here you can book gifts at the last moment from their largest collection of birthday gifts and they will deliver the gifts to make the birthday memorable. Not only birthday but you may book any gifts as per occasions.

Why you order from IGP?

  • Same-day delivery available
  • Mid-night delivery available
  • You have to select date and time to schedule your delivery
  • Standard delivery is FREE
  • Personalized gifts available

#4 Archies

Archies is a great online gifting website in India founded by Anil Moolchandani in 1779. Now they have 230+ exclusive outlets in 15 states 66 cities and nearly 300 franchise outlets across India, even you can send gifts abroad also. Here you can find thousands of gifts for your dear ones.

If you are looking for the best site to send birthday gifts then you can try Archies. They have a huge collection of birthday gifts in various categories. Like FNP or IGP, they offer same-day cake and flower delivery. The best thing about Archies is that they offer free shipping on orders above ₹149.

Why you order from Archies?

  • Same day delivery available
  • Thay have huge collection of gifts in various categories
  • Free shipping on orders above ₹149
  • You can send personalized gifts also

#5 Flaberry

Flaberry is the fastest-growing online gifts store where you can order flowers, cake, plants and more as per occasions. Undoubtedly, the birthday is the most important day in anyone’s life. If you wish to make that day memorable then you should book an order at Flaberry.

Like the above three online gift stores, they also offer same-day delivery but gifts are limited here. Here you can find special birthday gift for girlfriend or husband or wife or someone special. Overall, it is one of the best sites to buy birthday gifts in India.

Why you order from Flaberry?

  • Same-day delivery available
  • Providing services almost every corner in India
  • Hassle free safe Shopping
  • provide great discounts

#6 Bigsmall

Bigsmall is a one-stop online gifts portal founded in 2015 by two brothers Aman & Yatin. Here you can find 1000+ unique gifts for you near and dear ones. From budget-friendly gifts to expensive gifts, all types of gifts available here. They are featured on many top media including Yourstory, Asia Entrepreneur and Business World.

Not only personal gifts but also it is a great place for all your corporate gifting needs. Big companies like Google, HP, DELL uses Bigsmall. Overall, it is a great site to send gifts online.

Why you order from Bigsmall?

  • They have 1000+ unique gifts you can choose from
  • Average delivery time 3 to 5 days
  • Gifts are budget-friendly
  • You can send gifts anywhere in India

#7 Amazon

Amazon is the largest eCommerce site in India. They have millions of products in thousands of categories. Here you can find everything from groceries to home needs. Apart from that, they have various personalized unique gifts for every occasion.

You can’t order birthday cake here however, dry sweets are available. You can send a teddy bear with dark chocolate as birthday gifts on your gf birthday. It should be the best birthday gifts for girlfriend. It is my personal opinion but you can send anything as per your choice and person.

Why you order from Amazon?

  • Free and fast delivery for Amazon Prime members
  • Trusted company
  • They have easy return policy
  • Offer great discounts

#8 Zoomin

Zoomin provides online photo print services in India at cheap price. If you want to send some unique gifts to your loved or dear ones then you may try Zoomin. It is a better way to surprise by gifting his/her by sending some old days photos or some special moment photos.

The best thing about Zoomin is that here you can upload photos directly from your phone or import them from Facebook or flicker or google photos. It is the best place to send personalized gifts.

Why you order from Zoomin?

  • Best place to send personalized gifts
  • Offer great discounts
  • Provides great quality print
  • You can import photos from multiple sources

#9 Printland

Printland is quite similar to Zoomin. Unlike Zoomin, here you can print your custom text on anything. It might be tees, mugs, deos, or even on pens. I think personalized gifts are more attractive over flowers, as they are long-lasting. You can also combine them (Flowers, cake, photo book & personalized product) to make the day memorable.

They also offer great discounts on every order. Now your choice. What you want to send. Keep in mind that personalized gifts may take a long time to deliver as they need to print. It may take upto 5 to 7 days.

Why you order from Printland?

  • Provides personalized products as per your needs
  • Offer great discount
  • Their products are unique and they let you customize products

#10 Giftsmate

Lat but not least. Giftsmate is another best online gifts portal founded in mid of 2012 to send a hassle-free gift. Here you can find beautiful & exclusive gifts for your dear ones. From coffee mugs to wine glasses, you will find everything in one place.

It is a different type of gifts store. You could not avail to send flowers or cake. However, you can send photo cakes. If you wish to send those types of gifts then try FNP or IGP or FlowerAura.

Why you order from Giftsmate?

  • 3 to 5 days delivery time
  • You can order photo cakes
  • Personalized gifts available

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Conclusion: Best Sites to Buy Birthday Gifts

So, these are the top 10 best online sites to buy birthday gifts in India. All of these sites are the best ones to order birthday gifts for your dear ones. We recommend FNP or IGP because of their customer support and fixed time delivery. However, you can choose any of them listed above.

Hope you enjoyed reading this informative and useful post. If you have any queries regarding the list of top 10 best sites to send gifts in India then comment below, we will love to solve them.


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