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Vaya Tyffyn Review: Is Vaya Lunch Box Good? My Honest Review

Well, if you are searching for a lunch box that will keep your delicious home-cooked food warm for a more extended period, then Vaya Tyffyn is the best choice for you.

And why it is best, it will get cleared once you go through the detailed review of the fantastic product Vaya tyffyn.


I have been using the Vaya tyffyn lunch box for the last few days, and no doubt, I am delighted with the quality of the product. And not only this, once you start flaunting the lunchbox in your office, school, or any other workplace. People around you won’t stop complimenting you about the stunning design of the lunchbox. 

Different features of the super stylish Vaya Tyffyn

Check out the amazing features of the Vaya tyffyn lunch box that will make you fall in love with the exclusive design of the product.

Vaya Tyffyn Review
  • Vaya tyffyn comes with a very convenient and collapsible handle
  • Completely leak-resistant
  • Has unique finger grips which are heat-protective
  • Containers are coated with copper as stainless steel as the base product
  • Pressurizing latches are also made of stainless steel
  • The food kept in Vaya tyffyn remains hot for 5-6 hours because of its vacuum therm insulation
  • Sizes of the Vaya tyffyn are very convenient to handle and portable too
  • The slim and sleek body of Vaya tyffun quickly gets fit into nay bag
  • Leak-resistant lids are integrated with gaskets for easier cleaning
  • Each container has partitions; one can carry more than one dish in every container

Overview Of The Vaya Tyffyn Lunchbox

These vital inch boxes are vacuum therm insulated; they use VacuTherm technology that can keep your food warm or cold for up to 6 hours, which is excellent. It works up great for children too for school. It’s able to stay warm that whole time. Surprisingly it does work I’ve been so impressed with the quality of the product. 


So the Vaya Tyffyn Lunch box comes in two sizes.

There is the 1300 milliliter size, 1000 milliliter size and then the 600 Milliliter later size. You can use 600 Milliliter size for your kids and 1000 or 1300 milliliter size for yourself! Also, the lunch boxes are easy to handle and maintain without any burden.

I would highly recommend the 1300 ml size tyffyn box. As those designs come in some fantastic fun designs, they even have a candle here. This feature allows you to have an excellent compact design instead of all of these little containers all over the place. 

You have two for this 1000ml Vaya tyffyn. They come with dividers. You can divide the sections that will give you four areas in total. If you would like a larger one here, you can see it comes with three teams.

The inner containers here are made out of high-quality stainless steel with a copper finish. They also come with leak-resistant lids that can press down onto your container. Another good thing that comes with Vaya tyffyn is that the lunch box comes with a bag-mask double visit bag. 

They can put the lunch box in, and when you’re ready, you can open it up, lay it out, and for some service that you can use for eating off of it’s resistant to settle.

I’ve been using these lunch boxes for a couple of weeks now, and I am in love with them. They are quite the eye-catcher for starters, so everywhere I go, people like what are you using? What is this lunch box, and I like proudly show it off and like see things are amazing. It’s just an excellent convenient way to carry home and food to wherever you need to be eating it at 

I certainly don’t use a microwave, so some types of in situations where I know I don’t have any way to warm it up to my traditional form of a stovetop or a chair a toaster oven and so usually just pack something cold which is not my favorite thing to do I ‘rather have my leftovers and with this by a lunchbox, I’m able to do that sothat’s coming to candy it’s working out great.


Apart from all the above features and characteristics of the Vaya tyffyn, here are somewhere which gives a great catch about the product.

  • The entire product is absolutely BPA free. Therefore, keeping your food in the lunch box for prolonged hours will not affect the food’s healthy nutrients.
  • Vaya Tyffyn is entirely leak-resistant
  • Vaya vacu therm technology keeps the food warm for a more extended period.
  • Also, the product comes with a warranty of 1 year.

In today’s world, technology is progressing with every day, not just digital marketing. These days a lot of tech things have started getting included in our household things. And these products are getting quite famous, which proves that there is an excellent desire for such products in the market.

Almost every person takes lunch to eat in their offices or any other place. But cold food reduces the taste of food, making it taste more dull and unfresh. And to overcome that, this is an incredible invention by the Vaya company. 

I recommend this product for sure—a legit product to have in your kitchen and for all the family members. 

Order your Vaya tyffyn at the best discounted price from Amazon!


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